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About Us

Matt is our trained at Le Cordon Bleu chef, builder, planner, podcast lover and problem solver. He loves to connect with people and show his love through food. You can find him in the workshop, in the kitchen, in the gardens, and wrestling with our giant puppy Fortuna. He lives life taking risks and leaps of faith to create an expansive and fun filled existence. 

Claire is our caretaker, operations manager, creative mind and handles communications. You can find her tending to the gardens from seed to harvest, dreaming and scheming ways to improve the land and your experience, and welcoming all guests. The simple pleasures of this magical place and the connection with this land bring her immense joy and gratitude. She loves the silent moments on the farm and also the buzz from happy and relaxed guests. 

Fortuna is our 1 1/2 year old Great Dane and Italian Mastiff puppy. She is very friendly and loves people. She loves to eat sticks, long naps, exploring the farm and all the  snuggles. We call her Tuna for short and we can't imagine the farm without our mascot. 

We have 23 chickens that we raise to produce beautiful, healthy eggs for our guests to enjoy and grace our farm stand. They have just started to lay eggs this September!

It was love at first sight when we stepped onto the property in 2021. The forest was reclaiming the house and in need of a lot of TLC, and although the amount of work was overwhelming in some ways we could see the unmatched beauty of the space and its unique charm. This would be the place where our dream of building a business and life together would manifest.


Striving to live purposefully, slowly, joyfully and sustainably translates into a home and business infused with those aspects at its heart. While renovating the log home, stone house and timber frame we made use of many materials that were already present on the farm, and the phrase "came with the farm" has become a beloved saying. With pretty much zero experience renovating a home it has been a journey with many failures, a lot of laughter and tears, and thankfully very few injuries. We are truly grateful and we hope that is palpable when you stay here. The dream of living entwined with nature, finding purpose in small moments and connecting with others is coming true through hard work, love and support and the magic of this place. We want to share it with you!

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